The Mindful International Manager. How to Work Effectively across Cultures.

by Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin.

Use the code MIM20 to get a 20% discount on the expanded & updated 2014 edition.

The Mindful International Manager. How to work effectively across cultures.

By Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin.

Original, smaller edition - a few copies still available.

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Intercultural Interaction. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Intercultural Communication.

By Helen Spencer-Oatey and Peter Franklin

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Now also available in China with an introduction in Chinese

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Thiagi 2016 in Winterthur

In our 16th year we are offering two workshops by Thiagi in June in Winterthur, Switzerland.

published: 03.10.2015

Become a Licensed Trainer Partner with Richard Lewis Communications autumn/winter 2015

Teaching cross-cultural competence (TCC) with the Lewis Model...

published: 16.08.2015

Intercultural Readiness: Amsterdam Summer Program

Join our Intercultural Readiness programs in June and get certified to work with the Intercultural Readiness Approach.

published: 03.05.2015

Cross-Cultural Leadership for the Middle East

As Middle-Eastern countries transition from oil to knowledge economies, leading across cultures will be a significant skill to develop.

published: 03.05.2015

CrossCulture – Richard Lewis Communications’ new brand for its cultural division

Richard Lewis Communications (RLC) has been a sponsor of dialogin for some years, and many of you will know of the Lewis Model of Culture. Richard has spoken at a couple of dialogin’s bi-annual conferences in Konstanz.

published: 11.06.2015

Doing business in France

"For effective cross-cultural management it is important to remember that hierarchy is part of the French business culture" writes Kwintessential.

published: 03.05.2015

Doing business in Peru

"This is a country where who you know is often more important than what you know” writes Kwintessential in its introductory guide to intercultural management in Peru.

published: 03.05.2015

This is me totally sausage: A BBC programme about using English across cultures

Listen to German comedian Henning Wehn and, amongst others, dialogin editor Peter Franklin and dialogin member Heike Saxer-Taylor talking about the problems encountered in the use of British English as a lingua franca around the world.

published: 04.04.2015

Urgently seeking intercultural trainer based in South Africa specialising in Japanese business culture

Kwintessential Consulting is urgently looking for an experienced intercultural trainer based in South Africa to deliver 'Working with the Japanese' trainings.

published: 03.10.2015

Urgent: Seeking Cultural Awareness & Diversity Trainer in South Africa (SETA Accredited)

Kwintessential Consulting is urgently looking for an experienced intercultural trainer based in South Africa to deliver cultural awareness and diversity trainings.

published: 03.10.2015

Iran trainers in Germany

Intercultural trainer for Iran sought.

published: 03.10.2015

Intercultural Trainer Kazakhstan based in Russia URGENT!

Looking for Intercultural Trainer based in Russia for an intercultural training Kazakhstan and Russia. URGENT!!

published: 29.06.2015

Managing Cultural Differences, 9th Edition
by Moran, Robert T., Neil Remington Abramson & Sarah V. Moran

A review by dialogin member George Simons , USA & France

Once commonly described as “the Bible of Intercultural Studies”, this classic work has once again been refreshed and updated to provide a new generation of learners with a beginner’s vademecum for the global business world.

published: 03.05.2015

The Inclusion Imperative: How Real Business Inclusion Creates Better Business and Builds Better Societies
by Stephen Frost

A review by dialogin member Katrin Volt , Estonia & France

What does real inclusion really mean and how to include it in business?

published: 03.05.2015

Dancing to a Different Tune
by Patrick L. Schmidt

A review by dialogin member Jeremy Comfort , UK.

Patrick Schmidt’s collection of articles first published in the SIETAR Europa Journal turns over many stones to uncover interesting and sometimes thought-provoking insights into intercultural understanding.

published: 22.03.2015

Intercultural Communication in Contexts
Judith N. Martin & Thomas K. Nakayama

A review by Katrin Volt , Estonia & France

In this ever changing interrelated world, this course book offers a holistic approach to thinking about intercultural communication.

published: 22.03.2015

A Status Report on the Intercultural Profession
by Susan Salzbrenner, Tanja Schulze & Anja Franz

An important contribution to knowledge about interculturalists, who they are and what they do.

published: 22.03.2015

Intercultural Competencies Needed by Global CEOs
by Barbara Gibson

The world of international business has changed dramatically in the past two decades, shifting from being the exclusive realm of giant multinational corporations to a wide-open marketplace for companies of all sizes and stages of maturity. Although there is growing recognition that Chief Executive Officers need international experience, little is known about which intercultural competencies are needed at the top.

published: 25.01.2015