The Mindful International Manager. How to Work Effectively across Cultures.

by Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin.

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The Mindful International Manager. How to work effectively across cultures.

By Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin.

Original, smaller edition - a few copies still available.

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Intercultural Interaction. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Intercultural Communication.

By Helen Spencer-Oatey and Peter Franklin

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Now also available in China with an introduction in Chinese

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Training courses for intercultural trainers at LTS in Bath, UK in 2015

In 2015, LTS Training and Consulting in Bath will be running more sessions of our two highly successful courses for trainers, ‘Developing intercultural training skills', and the more advanced course, ‘Designing and delivering intercultural training’. Both courses are eligible for the new Erasmus+ funding.

published: 30.10.2014

SIETAR Europa Congress 2015

Congress Theme: Refreshing the Cultural Paradigm: Sharing Stories, Theories and Next Practices

published: 27.10.2014

Doing business in Estonia

"Meetings in Estonian are formal. It is proper etiquette for the most senior figure of the team to open proceedings with a short speech and introductions. Similarly the most senior member of the other team should give a short speech thanking their hosts and introducing themselves", writes the Kwintessential guide on doing business in Estonia.

published: 05.10.2014

Doing business in Libya

"Libyan culture involves a closely interwoven network of relationships that takes time to establish and maintain. The concept of “wasta”, roughly translated as “influence”, is a direct consequence of these personal relationships together with family ties, trust and honour.", writes Communicaid.

published: 05.10.2014

Doing business in Nigeria

"All native Nigerian companies will display massively hierarchical tendencies as befits a country rich in tribal tradition and culture. (...) As age is highly valued in Nigerian culture, managers are often of the older generation", writes World Business Culture.

published: 04.04.2014

The Indian headshake

"A video decoding Indian headshakes has gone viral, attracting over a million hits in a week", writes the BBC. "What does its popularity tell us about the way Indians see themselves?"

published: 04.03.2014

Nigeria and Thailand expert cultural trainers required in UK

Culturewise is looking for intercultural / cultural awareness trainers with expertise on Thailand or Nigeria, for freelance projects in the UK.

published: 05.10.2014

Intercultural consultant

Permanent position, based in London.

published: 29.09.2014

Essential Concepts of Cross-Cultural Management: Building on What We All Share
by Lawrence A. Beer

A review by Kate Berardo , USA & UK

This book is a book designed to help managers more effectively conduct global business. It starts with a powerful analogy.

published: 05.10.2014

The Mindful International Manager. How To Work Effectively Across Cultures - New edition
by Jeremy Comfort & Peter Franklin

A review by dialogin member Patrick Schmidt , USA & France

Globalization is rapidly breaking down our vision of a world with well-defined national, cultural and linguistic barriers.

published: 05.10.2014

Understanding Social Psychology across Cultures: Engaging with Others in a Changing World
by Peter B. Smith et al.

A review by dialogin member George Simons , USA & France

Smith and his colleagues have provided us with a particularly handy and readable overview of the insights of social psychology on the dynamics of culture.

published: 05.10.2014

Understanding Intercultural Communication: Negotiating a Grammar of Culture
by Adrian Holliday

A review by dialogin member George Simons , USA & France

Understanding Intercultural Communication is essentially a textbook aimed at helping students analyze cultural interactions from non-essentialist perspectives. The process is supported by ethnographic narratives within the text and by a variety of online-access tools and activities.

published: 05.10.2014

Short questionnaire on cross-cultural management teaching

As professional teachers and researchers in the field of cross-cultural management with a special focus on students on MSc and CEMS (Community of European Management Schools) courses, we are interested in how the field has changed over recent years and if we are still doing the right thing as a profession.

published: 17.04.2014

Critical Incidents. A Compilation of Quotations for the Intercultural Field
by Helen Spencer-Oatey

Download this useful resource on critical incidents from GlobalPAD (Global Professional and Academic Development), a resource created by staff at the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick, UK.

published: 05.04.2014