The Mindful International Manager. How to Work Effectively across Cultures.

by Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin.

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The Mindful International Manager. How to work effectively across cultures.

By Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin.

Original, smaller edition - a few copies still available.

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Intercultural Interaction. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Intercultural Communication.

By Helen Spencer-Oatey and Peter Franklin

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Now also available in China with an introduction in Chinese

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18th Warwick International Postgraduate Conference in Applied Linguistics (23-25 June 2015)

Call For Papers! Brendan McSweeney and Katharina Chudzikowski as Keynote Speakers.

published: 14.04.2015

Green Summer Camp - University Students Exploring Sustainability from an Intercultural Perspective

The Green Summer Camp is a three-week course on Sustainability and Intercultural Learning for German and US-American students.

published: 14.04.2015

Summer School Intercultural Competences

This summer, Europe's largest summer school in Utrecht offers a challenging course on Intercultural Competences.

published: 14.04.2015

Virtual Facilitation Skills programme - Starting May 11th, 2015

Facilitate online sessions in an interactive way and learn what’s needed to do the job. For facilitators, coaches and trainers.

published: 07.04.2015

This is me totally sausage: A BBC programe about using English across cultures

Listen to German comedian Henning Wehn and, amongst others, dialogin editor Peter Franklin and dialogin member Heike Saxer-Taylor talking about the problems encountered in the use of British English as a lingua franca around the world.

published: 04.04.2015

Videos and information on China

The Chinese "are willing to subjugate their own feelings for the good of the group. This is often observed by the use of silence in very structured meetings" explains the Kwintessential guide on language, culture, customs and etiquette.

published: 22.03.2015

Doing business in Italy

"In Italian business culture, most decisions are made in “closed quarters” by various people, not just the highest figure in authority. There are, however, a large proportion of family-owned businesses here; in these organizations, the head of the family usually makes the final decision", writes Executive Planet.

published: 22.03.2015

Doing business in Luxembourg

"Cross-cultural management is more effective when working in Luxembourg when you understand the Luxembourgers generally like working in teams and collaborate quite well across hierarchical lines" writes Kwintessential in its introductory guide to being a manager in Luxembourg.

published: 22.03.2015

Intercultural Management Trainer based in Brazil

Looking for Intercultural Communication- and Management Trainers based in Brazil.

published: 09.12.2014

Nigeria and Thailand expert cultural trainers required in UK

Culturewise is looking for intercultural / cultural awareness trainers with expertise on Thailand or Nigeria, for freelance projects in the UK.

published: 05.10.2014

Intercultural consultant

Permanent position, based in London.

published: 29.09.2014

Intercultural expert on Russian customer relations sought

Managing Worldwide is looking for a Europe-based consultant to deliver training on selling to Russian clients in a retail environment.

published: 29.09.2014

Dancing to a Different Tune
by Patrick L. Schmidt

A review by dialogin member Jeremy Comfort , UK.

Patrick Schmidt’s collection of articles first published in the SIETAR Europa Journal turns over many stones to uncover interesting and sometimes thought-provoking insights into intercultural understanding.

published: 22.03.2015

Intercultural Communication in Contexts
Judith N. Martin & Thomas K. Nakayama

A review by Katrin Volt , Estonia & France

In this ever changing interrelated world, this course book offers a holistic approach to thinking about intercultural communication.

published: 22.03.2015

Dancing to a Different Tune
by Patrick L. Schmidt

A review by dialogin member Matthew Hill , UK

This book manages to be simultaneously a biography of the Mother and Fathers of intercultural thought and development, a resource list for the developing intercultural trainer and a revealing biography of the author himself.

published: 21.03.2015

Closeness at a Distance. Leading Virtual Groups to High Performance
by Marcus Hildebrandt, Line Jehle, Stefan Meister & Susanne Skoruppa

A review by dialogin member Tim Hill , UK & Germany

One of the themes of last year's dialogin conferemce focussed on the direction the intercultural profession is or should be heading. This book fits in nicely with this discussion.

published: 31.01.2015

A Status Report on the Intercultural Profession
by Susan Salzbrenner, Tanja Schulze & Anja Franz

An important contribution to knowledge about interculturalists, who they are and what they do.

published: 22.03.2015

Intercultural Competencies Needed by Global CEOs
by Barbara Gibson

The world of international business has changed dramatically in the past two decades, shifting from being the exclusive realm of giant multinational corporations to a wide-open marketplace for companies of all sizes and stages of maturity. Although there is growing recognition that Chief Executive Officers need international experience, little is known about which intercultural competencies are needed at the top.

published: 25.01.2015